A series of documentaries where in every episode is dedicated to a powerful story that deserves to be told. Highlighting volunteering programs around the globe to give them a voice and tell their inspiring tales to the world. Filmed in a new country each time showcasing that people from all over the planet are working extremely hard to maintain the beauty of our world.
Our Story
In a world filled with diverse people, cultures, climates, wildlife, and landscapes, there's no denying that our planet is a very special place. However, there are numerous challenges that call for help.
Instead of continuing building a career in commercial photography and filmmaking we decided to redirect our skills towards helping people tell impactful stories. 
Aiming to capture the beauty of our planet and the efforts to protect it, Our Beautiful World was born. Through a series of documentaries, we invite you to be a part of this ongoing project, saying, 
"Welcome to Our Beautiful World.''
Become part of our journey
Working with volunteering programs often means that there is not a lot of budget available to work with and that's why Our Beautiful World is always on the lookout for help! 
Whether you're a brand interested in sponsoring one of our productions, or if you're an aspiring filmmaker or photographer itching to be part of something meaningful, we'd love to hear from you. Even if it's just to express your appreciation for our work, feel free to reach out – every bit of encouragement goes a long way!
Please do not hesitate to reach out; let's connect and make a positive impact together.

Founder of this project
Jurre Brauers - Founder
With 5/7 continents visited it's safe to say that Jurre is a real travel addict. 
As a professional photographer and filmmaker he has been traveling around the world for the last couple of years capturing the most beautiful places, people and moments on camera while building his own brand Jason's Creatives (people call him Jason).
''I have always wanted to travel the world and explore every single country that's out there. When I discovered photography and filmmaking I fell in love with documenting my experiences around the globe and that quickly became my biggest passion. Our world is such a beautiful place and capturing it on camera is just a privilege on its own, at least in my opinion. The incredible part, to me, is that I am helping people from all over the world tell meaningful stories. 
How awesome is that?'